2001 Battenburg
Awarded Bronze
Theme:  Let Them Both Eat Cake

This wedding cake took me 115 hours and features gumpaste roses and handmade Battenburg lace accents.  The bird cage topper was constructed from gumpaste.  The tophat groom's cake sits atop a champagne bottle.  Instructions for this cake can be found in the Jan/Feb 2003 issue of American Cake Decorating magazine.      

2000 Cruising the New Milleneum
Awarded Bronze
Theme:  Elegant Cakes for Elegant Brides

Four tiers featuring the SS Honeymoon made of pastillage and royal icing.  The lighthouse was piped one stone at a time using royal icing.  The sides were accented with dolphins playing in the waves, which had 3-D layering.  This was a favorite of mine, but took over 200 hours to construct.  The railing on the ship was made using lace points that would break if I breathed too hard.      

1999 Beethoven
Awarded Bronze
Theme:  Portrait of a Perfect Wedding Cake

This was my first competition cake, as well as my first fondant cake.  I read everything I could get my hands on and taught myself how to make the gumpaste roses, ivy, sugarpaste ribbons etc.  This has become my signature cake.  I took 2nd place in a fun Rice Krispies wedding cake competition in 2006 with a tribute to this cake.  I couldn't even begin to guess at how long it took me to complete this display.  It was slow going, but I love the finished piece.  My husband thought of the spiral aspect  


Rice Krispies Treat Wedding Cake Competition
October, 2006
There were 5 contestants, and we were given several sheets of Rice Krispie Treats and a tub of ChocoPan.  We had 90 minutes to create a tiered wedding cake "masterpiece".  Chef Keegan Gerhard from Food Network was the emcee and kept the audience entertained and laughing the whole time.   
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